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The Premium Tennis Program is a high-intensity program taught by the Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre coaches with the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar training methodology. Our methodology is based on an exclusive training system designed through the experience acquired by Rafa Nadal and his coaching staff during their many years of learning on the ATP Tour.


The aim of this program is to improve tennis skills and tactics through sessions that are fully customised to the various standards and needs. The sessions are based on daily training goals, previously defined between the player and the coach. All classes are private, with 1 player player per court, optimising learning and improving every aspect of the game throughout the program.


At the end of the program, players will receive a report in which the coach has evaluated the aspects of the game that were worked on. Also, exercises will be outlined so that they may continue to improve when they return home.


Goal: To maximise the player’s strengths and minimise their weaknesses, improving their tennis performance and physical fitness.

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