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If you want to play tennis, have fun and make new friends, the Rafa Nadal Academy Centre is the option for you!


In the Total Tennis Kids program, boys and girls from 5 to 7 years of age will enjoy a coaching experience in which they will learn the basics of tennis, improve their motor skills and share memorable moments with friends from all over the world.


The program will be fully customised to each student, using red, orange or green-dot balls based on their standard of tennis. The children will improve important skills such as balance, hand-eye coordination and space perception with a series of fun sports exercises and activities.


In the training sessions, we include all kinds of activities and games linked to the values of the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar.


Goal: To introduce 5 to 7-year-old children to the world of tennis with the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar methodology. Based on training exercises and fun games, they will learn skills and have fun alongside tennis players from all over the world.

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